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07 Oct 2021

Loan Applications

Members can apply for a loan online today

27 May 2022

Summer Loan offer


We can provide a free Paypoint card for you to use to pay into your Credit Union account.

PayPoint is the more convenient way to pay your household bills, top up your mobile and make other payments in cash, at local shops where you live. There are PayPoint outlets located across the UK in newsagents, convenience stores and Post Offices. These outlets are carefully selected nationwide for their convenient locations, long opening hours and friendly service. Many PayPoint convenience retail outlets are open from early morning to late night, 7 days a week.

You can make lots of different types of payment at PayPoint. Just take your CU payment card to the outlet with your payment and we'll do the rest. You get a receipt for every payment you make, and your account is credited within 3 working days.

Please ask at your local Credit Union if you require a Paypoint payment card.

*Please note that the minimum payment amount to FDCU is £10