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07 Oct 2021

Loan Applications

Members can apply for a loan online today

27 May 2022

Summer Loan offer

Junior Savers

Penny Wise Junior Account

These days it can be difficult to save up for small treats, let alone bigger purchases or important life-events.

The competing demands and pressures of modern life mean that putting spare cash aside is often left to the bottom of our to-do list.

Our Penny Wise Junior Account can help kids get into the savings habit early.

A small effort now will bring a bigger reward in the future!

With Penny Wise you can …

  • Open an account from any age
  • Pay in no minimum deposit with no fuss or hassle
  • Open an account on behalf of your child or a relative through our quick and easy application process.
  • Trust your savings are fully protected – we are regulated by financial authorities

Pay in to your Penny Wise …

  • at your local Credit Union branch
  • by standing order
  • by Paypoint card
  • young savers can pay in at some schools*

To open a Penny Wise Junior Account, simply fill out an application form and return to school (* if participating) or local collection point (with child's birth certificate or passport).

School Collections

We have several school collections in the area for any new and existing pupils. These are only open in school term times and for school pupils only. Please contact the main office on 01324 473695 or the relevant school for further information.

Nethermains Primary School

Address: Bulloch Crescent, Denny

  • Thursday 9:30am

Westquarter Primary School

Address: Westquarter Avenue, Westquarter, Falkirk

  • Thursday 9:00am

St Patrick's Primary School

Address: Carronbank Crescent, Denny

  • Wednesday 10:45am

Dunipace Primary School

Address: Thistle Avenue, Dunipace

  • Wednesday 2:00pm

St Andrew's Primary School

Address: Hawley Road, Falkirk

  • Friday 9:30am

Bo'ness Public School

Address: Stewart Avenue, Bo'ness

  • Tuesday 9:30am

Denny Primary School

Address: Duke Street, Denny

  • Tuesday morning

St Francis Primary School

Address: Merchiston Avenue, Falkirk

  • Wednesday 11:00am